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February 8th, 2007
i pity a fool

jamies cool
matts cool
tonys cool

actions speak louder than words [Wednesday
November 1st, 2006
[ mood | chipper ]

i am ready to add more chapters to my book(life).


December 7th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

project runway premieres tonight. ahhhh i cant wait!


September 28th, 2005
i laid effortless in my bed, because i had no reason to get up and go to school today. eh it was only two classes.

damn insomnia.

my mommy when she was sane. the good ol' days.i do miss her.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com ... Image hosted by Photobucket.com

September 14th, 2005
[ mood | content ]

so today has been a great day so far. i am extremely organized, better than ever at the moment and it makes me feel good. yesterday, got me some new kicks and bought miscellaneous things. charged up to 60 something on the credit card, so no more spendin till next month, besides my concerts. i dont plan on buyin any merch cept for two specific concerts.

some onitsuka tiger by asics. on sale 30 bucks, couldnt resist.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com /Image hosted by Photobucket.com my camera died so i couldnt get any more pics.

i decided that i will only go to my biological sciences class on certain or occasions. my teacher has gone through bout 6 chapters already, and i already have an exam on the 26 of this month. o yeah like im gonna pass that. the exam is only 12% of my grade, so if i dont do so well, im not goin to worry about it. i just wanna get a feel of what kinda test my pro is gonna dish to us.watch him put parts he "accidentally" didnt go over in class.the only objective i have is that, i had to buy this retarded 48 dollar clicker thing, thats so technological we just had to have it for our class. its used for whenever the teacher has random questions in class, hell ask us to answer and we all have this keypad"clicker" and we have to press either a..b..c..d..and so on it, and the results show up on the projection. so all in all its basically just to keep record of our attendance,so he said if answer so many questions throught outthe course we get like 15 pts towards our grades even if we dont answer them correctly. ive figured out about how many classes i have to go to to get those pts.i figured if i work hard for school, itll pay off in the end.

i want my chip and pepper jeans at my job, theyre 60 bucks. they fit perfect, right length and everything. why must these designers make clothes for tall people and jack up the prices. i dont have money like that. so im goin to have to kiss my demin good-bye. i have way to many jeans anyways, more than you could imagine. besides im goin to need that 60 bucks for my entertainment purposes.
see what i mean
Image hosted by Photobucket.com and Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my room is so kiddish and i love it. my mom hooked it up with some décor before i was even born.im a mature kid @ heart..if that makes sense.flowers and clouds..can you feel the love...

more on hurrican katrina
We let the families of the victims of 9/11 redesign our intelligence organizations, and our president and Congress held a midnight session about the health care of one woman, Terri Schiavo, while ignoring the health crisis of 40 million uninsured. Our economy seems to be fueled lately by either suing each other or selling each other houses. Our government launched a war in Iraq without any real plan for the morning after, and it cut taxes in the middle of that war, ensuring that future generations would get the bill.

"We were shocked at what we saw. Death and destruction from natural disaster is par for the course. But the pictures of dead people left uncollected on the streets, armed looters ransacking shops, survivors desperate to be rescued, racial divisions - these were truly out of sync with what we'd imagined the land of the free to be, even if we had encountered homelessness and violence on visits there. ... If America becomes so unglued when bad things happen in its own backyard, how can it fulfill its role as leader of the world?"
that clearly speaks for itself.
some old schoolCollapse )

there was some wicked wind here last night. this huge tree by my house which was struck by lightin is dead, and my mom had some ppl cuttin it down, but they didnt finish. well when the wind came last night, those branches were just fallin, i thought the roof was goin to break in. my mom better be thankful that those huge branches didnt go flyin through someones window, cuse then she would had more financial problems than she already has.

a lot of people are sayin that my sis and i look alike. someone thought i was her mom one time. i was like wow i look that old haha.sometimes people think that my mom is my sister since she lost so much weight. my mom and can basically fit into my jeans now. also people thinkin that im with my dad, and thats just gross, they say to him you just look so young. my family and i are vitamin freaks, always in a health food store and im always in wal-mart.i guess weird things like that just run in the family. all sorts of things have happened ...the list goes on and on.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com / Image hosted by Photobucket.com
im really enjoyin photography.. whether its takin pic of myself or other random objects. i enjoy it.


why are you sleepin in tomrrows world [Friday
September 2nd, 2005
[ mood | sick ]

i came down with a sore throat last week, and i thought nothing of it because sometimes i wake up with sore throats cuse there was to much cold air comin over me. the middle of this week it got worse, it was hard for me to swallow, i was breakin out in chills, and then sweatin.so my dad took me to the clinic on humbolt and north, and took two throat swabs at the back of my throat and so on. one was for a rapid strep test, and the other for the cultures. my rapid stress test came back negative, so she said i might have mono. so they took a blood sample from me, and the doc said she would call me back in one-two days, well guess what ...she never called and guess another thing....i just kept gettin sicker, and began sleepin like all day.so last night my dad took me to the er cuse i woke up around 9ish, and my head was just poundin, and it felt like i have ear infections all through out my ear. i could barely talk, i could barely breathe. so they check me out and w/e and theyre like it certainly looks like you have strep cuse they said i had lesions in the back of my throat which made my throat sore. my chest was hurtin as well so they did some scannin they were like hmmmm have you been eatin i was like no..the past two days all i ate was a can of soup, but i been slowly takin down liquids. they were like you might have pneumonia, but that couldnt be the case, and it wasnt so they eliminated that cuse they said that my lungs were probably just gettin all the puss from my infection in them makin it hard for me to breathe and blah blah blah.so they said theyll just treat me as though i have strep, they gave me the opition of takin pills or gettin a shot, and i chose the shot cuse i dont really like takin pills. the shot had to be shot in my ass though lol, so that was weird.the nurse told me that it would cold, and then i would probably feel it travelin through my body, which i did.they also gace me to roxicets, so im gonna be pretty much a goner once i take so of them.they said i had all the signs of strep so hopefully that is what i have, and this pain can go away because i reall do feel like shit.they also told me that , probably got sick from work.that god awful bathroom we have there is just tottaly infectious in its own ways. i wash my hands before i eat and all, but they told me retail jobs have germs through out the building and some of those germs got throught to me.

i had to call into work this mornin which is why i am here and up.im tryin to get to the tj maxx downtown, cuse the one in brown deer is just to much drama for me. i said to my boss, "hey remember when i was tryin to get to that tj maxx last year, and you just totally ignore the fact that i wanted to go...? well umm yeah i still want to go." my boss just smiles and laughs, "theyre not gettin ya, you have to stay here, we need ya here." i told him that its closer to my school and all, and plus one of my old managers that transferred down there said people dont come up in there playin as many games, tryin to override the system. so i really hope he lets me go.

victoria and i went out to brookfield to go to guitar center, but took some other stops before actually gettin to guitar center lol. firestone i beleive it is in brookfeild is the worst place to go and get anything done, nothing but a bunch of amateurs up in there who know apparently think they know how to fix cars, theyre just tryin to make some money. those bitches told us that it would take a hour and half to seal up a tire from a nail. so we go over to the mall walked around, went into express tried on some jeans, which were a hell of a deal, but we put them aside and didnt buy them just yet. as soon as im get better im goin back and gettin those jeans lol. so we spent literally bout a hour and forty-five mins in the mall. we come back and the car is still not done yet. tells my friend that the nail was to close to the end to seal it when he told us in the beginnin that all they had to do was seal it. so they change it which is a rip off. and the story progresses on from there. firestone are some assholes who lied and said that they called her cell when they didnt. so theyre gonna get theirs.

school starts this up and comin tuesday. im psyched. freshman year was so lame, because most of my classes were all borin ger classes. im takin classes for my future profession, so yay it should all be excitin. bio sci, english, american sign language, language of medicine. i may have to take one or two summer courses to catch up, but i think i should do fine. i wanted to add another class but the way my schedule is now it wouldnt work.

its really sad what hurricane katrina has done, but i swear if all these celebs would give away a million dollars to help some of those folks down there, it would help out a lot. they can spend up to two million dollars on some fuckin diamonds,or five grand a day for some stylist, because they just think that they are the shit and cant shop for themselves, or buy some over priced stupid yatch, which theyll probably only use twice in their life time, but cant give up money to those who really need it. society build celebs …with us they would be nothing, we give them money. so its about time they start showin some thanks, and not tryin to be divas and lords.

i usually dont put my business out there like that, but i know this guy named scott. i met him online lol. people can think whatever they want to think about mettin people online or w/e, i dont care but scott is amazin and he sings to me. he lives in ohio.ive been talkin to him since feb of 05, so about eight months now. i know i probably wont ever meet him with the kinda luck i have, but i hope to.hes adoreable and such a sweetheart. hes goin to montello, alambama to go and help people down there with the flood and all. he said he knows how it feels to loose everything, which he really does, so goin down there to help out is no trouble at all.i couldve cried at that moment when he said that.so he says to me, if I so happen to be montello, alabama look for him in the holiday inn, cuse thats where he'll be *hint hint* lol.im thinkin to myself o yeah ill be down there in my hospital bed helpin out people as well lol. we literally talked for like five hours yesterday. he told me i have like five different smiles, four different laughs.i guess i do cuse he like pointed them all out to me, it was awesome lol.he never makes me mad, which is good, cuse ppl can easily piss me off.he told me it sounded like i was dyein and i was in so much pain, so eventually we let each other go. he had to pack for his trip and meet up w/ his buds to to the quaker steak and lube for his biker thursday night, so gurls can grab on his tush in his hot biker pants lol.

i am not seekin for any guys in the wisconsin area, becuase theyre all fuckin lame. i know other states may be just as lame, but wisconsin guys says it all for itself. the guys here make me ill.

up and coming concerts.

9/17 - Billy Idol Bitches

9/20 - Social Distortion

9/21 - My Chem/Reggie and The Fuckin Full Effect/Akaline Trio

10/13 – Horrorpops

10/17- Chevelle and the Black Maria

10/23- Skindred and HIM *just added thanks to victoria lol*

10/26- Busta Busta

11/4 - Matchbook Romance and Armor For Sleep!!!!

11/10 - A7X

11/13 - GWEN STEFANI!!!!!!!!

11/26 – Aiden/Hawthore Heights <- haha wat a joke


August 1st, 2005
[ mood | contemplative ]

okay well its been a pretty long fuckin time thought its time for a update. i copied and pasted this joint ...enjoy.

Went to the Indiana date for the warped tour, due to all the extra money my friend I had saved . We were planning on going to a warped date, which was far far away. That didn't go as planned though. So hey we figured we could go to two shows for the price of a boston show. Naplesville, IN and Chicago,IL was our set dates. Never will I go back to Indiana again. The Verzion Wireless Center grounds is where it was held. Basically all farmland, cuse by the end of the day everything smelled like cow shit. It was horrible, and the venue was out in the middle of nowhere. Victoria and I spent like 50 bucks for cab fare, and beleive me we tried to find cheaper routes. I saw Billy Idol and it was awesome.Altough warped tour has a lot of shitty bands on it, there were a few good ones there. Who the hell signs these bands...are they that desperate? Also, why do people go so crazy about band members who are jack asses, when instead they should be thkinking, "wow what a asshole....fuck_________, ive lost all respect i could have for _________." No that isnt the case at all, they throw themselves at them and build up the "ego". Anyways I practically sweated out bout 5 lbs of sweat that day. I was a whole another shade. The heat was wicked that day. Prices for water and food were outrageous: $4 for water... $3.75 for a corn dog...$5 for a slice of pizza ...ONE SLICE... like I said before just outrageous! Chicago here we come. Lots of attitude there, so im sure I'll have some agitation there.I'm ready for ya bitches.
Billy Idol Pics ...oooooo weeeee




Chicago warped show was alright. The End.

My parents are crazy.

People drive me nuts. Humans are a let down, no one cares to think anymore.They want to suck up to all the other shit everyone else is doing or have the left overs either one..people just suck.No left overs for me. It's pure bullshit. I'm doin my own thing. I could go on and on ..but it's pointless.

I actually want school to start. Then I'll be wanting it to end.

Clothes is where I spend all my money now, and it makes me happy. Bought Liar Liar ..and Bettlejuice on dvd... good movies.

Peace out bitches.


July 1st, 2005
[ mood | groggy ]

This is truly sad...
R&B icon Luther Vandross died Friday (July 1) at the age of 55. The singer who suffered a stroke in April 2003 had been in a coma for the last two months. Watch his video "Dance With My Father" and post your tribute. From Launch.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I just woke up. Here I am on luanch and wah lah Incubus has a new video. "Make A Move". Eh it's alright. I want more. I saw Letter Kills "Dont Believe In Me" video. It looks so cheap. They shouldve just shot live footage and made that as the video. That video just looks to sad.

I saw War of the Worlds yesterday. It was good. I'm gonna go see it again.

The Chronicles of Narnia movie is coming out soon out, hell yeah.

If I've forgotten anything ill make sure to fill yas in.

peace out.


And This Is What You Call The End ? [Wednesday
June 22nd, 2005
[ mood | energetic ]

Otep is tonight. They are going to rock. I cannot wait to see them.

So yeah it's been a while.

Warped tour wasn’t all that bad. Victoria and I both agree that when we were there for the first two hours or so, we were ready to go home. But the warped tour did not disappoint us in the end. Mbr was the first band we saw... I believe. They rocked. From first to Last crowd made everything rock ...the "pit" was funny. They were doing weird dances. Singing along to them to them was awesome. They have a very nice record, but they just suck as people besides matt lol. The transplants were awesome...I wanted them to play more songs off of there old record. But instead they played more new songs. Mr.Armstrong is amazing. As soon as they left off stage people ran over to the gates, because of Travis. I’m sure that Tim thought that everyone was there for Travis ..he was there for a bit and then left. It was sadness, but we ran into him again. Avenged Sevenfold kicked ass...for those who do not like them. You suck. They are such a great band. Didn’t see Fall Out Boy haha. They don’t deserve any of my money. Anyone want some cheap FOB merch hit me up. So that was good. I was happy. At the end of the day my ears were ringing, but the ringing noise is dying down now. Chicago Warped …I’m ready.

For anyone whose interested in viewin any pics from warped 05 you can check them out here. The pics may look a lil shitty small. Enlarge them and they'll look better. Duuuh. http://photobucket.com/albums/b331/concertsrus/

Finally...and I mean finally ...I got back results to see how much I can get for school...its more grants then loans. So I was happy to see that. The financial aid department is why it took so long. They are playing games down there with your paperwork. They said they would contact if they needed any more information from me. Two weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything from those bitches. Went down there myself..and they were , "oooo you were suppose to fill this out as well." And I say, "well when did u plan on contacting me, I asked for you someone to contact me if the department needed more information from me." And all they have is excuses...excuses. They have some serious attitude problems down there. They don’t want to help you out. They act like they’re giving their own money away. I swear if I catch another attitude from them I’m cussing them out. Anyways the money is a couple thousand over how much it would cost to stay in the dorms. So it’s all good. If I can get a dorm for the fall 05 ...that would be nice. Other wise I was thinking about renting. That’s too costly though. It’s money that I don’t want to spend. So dorms. I hope and pray for.

Other than that it was a pretty lame ass usual week I had in between that mess and the warped tour. I need a car. Hopefully I can get a job @ the casino. They pay pretty good. I made awesome friends only banner...but there is really no need for it. Seeing that many people don’t read my live journal, and right now I could care less who reads it. I mean at least comment if you think I say something that both you and I agree upon.

Good TimesCollapse )

I've Been listeing to bloc party way to much. Makes me want to dance lol.

At my job yesterday. My store had company, that were there to evaulate the store and the employess so everything had to be perfect and just right. That was a complete joke. So the crew I was in were scheduled to process clothes(put them on hangers and censor them). So were back there processin and we get a page over the intercom from mr.mitchell to go to run outs..because it was gettin backed up from the hags who try on 12 pairs of clothes which they either A. Cant Fit... B. Cant Afford...or C. Do it to piss us employess off. So we go do that. Then the head store manager comes in and sees us. Hes like ..ooo wat are you guys doin...im thinkin to myself..wat the fuck does it look like were doin. I hate when ppl ask the obvious questions which they know they can see the answers too. Neways im like helpin do run outs cuse mr. mitchell paged us to do so. Hes like you guys are suppose to be in the back. I said to him tell mr. mitchell that. What the fuck am I suppose to do if one manager is telling me one thing and the other is tellin me another.He asks me is there alot of clothes back there still ...and im like no there is not. Then the head store manager goes into the back room and comes to tell me that there were a lot of clothes back there and we need to hurry.And I'm thinking to myself ...well why the fuck did you just ask if there were a lot of clothes back ther. There were not a lot of clothes back there ...we had a crew a 5 and there were bout two piles of jeans..so about 60 pieces. That was not a lot. I swear I wanted to just punch him at that moment. That store is like one big soap opera. Everyone is talkin about everyone. Its like only three people there I trust out of the staff of like 50 ppl. Thats sad.I love the drama sometimes. I need to get another job though.

Last night my bro woke me up @ like round 12 30 am to tell me that he was going to go help his friend egg someone who egg his girlfriends car. I was like what the fuck. I just said make sure you have your key to get in, try to make it back b4 mom gets home because I don’t want to hear her mouth on where you are, and don’t get arrested because I don’t want to be the one to blame. He made it home safe.

That’s all I got right now. Till next time. Deuces.


Boredem At It's Peak [Tuesday
May 31st, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

Went to chicago for the memorial day weekend. I had lots of fun with the fam. Every time I go there I always eat way to much. Good thing is I haven't been hungry all day. Although I did eat some pizza.

My little sister is graduating on Thurs.I'm so proud of her. She has all the school skills I lack. She's always on the honor roll, which I wasn't in grade school. Sad huh?

My grades were really weird. Four B's ...Not B+'s or B-'s ...But straight B's. O yeah and one C. Due to my math professor who had this really thick russian accent, which made it very hard to understand her. Same crap just like this happened in my Fall 04 semester, but I got a B+. Anyways...everyone in the class was lost. She was not a good pro at all. I remember one test basically all the students did so bad on it...she had to curve the test by so much...givin us all 10 extra pts.

Honorary Title was amazing.Jarrod voice is incredible. Couldn't get any better, well yeah if had randomly came over there and started talking to us ...but besides that it was good. It was only 10 bucks so it was well worth it.

People try way to hard to be like everyone else, it is really pathetic. This world needs to get some style and originality...for real.

I need this summer to pick up the pace, it's been really boring. More concerts to come though I can't wait.

I finally went to walgreen's and got some film developed from like last summer. Some tight pics on there.

I have a long list of shit I want to get and need money for plans. Need a large cash flow to come in to help me out with my wanting of things. Worked 9:30-7pm... while gettin paid that time and a half. So hopefully thatll boost up the check for next week, cuse I don't work next till Friday.

I've been playing the hell out of GTA:San Andreas. I love that game.

Some more goodies...









May 17th, 2005
[ mood | content ]

So yeah i kinda landed upon this promotional poster for Willy Wonka ...I had to post it.

Gurl you know we seein this!! HAHA.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


"i'll stand for nothing less...or never stand again...these are the limits" [Monday
May 16th, 2005
[ mood | geeky ]

Overall the show was pretty good ..dance party w/ Gabe.. o yes!. I felt kinda dumb, but the end result was swell.

People need to stop stealing the line "this shit is bananas". Gabe and the Banana: O yes we were the first to witness, before the song was out.So lay off.

One final down two more to go. My final today wasnt mandatory, but out of my class of like 25 ...only 3 people includin myself showed up for it. So the teacher was I will give you all 10 etc pts.

My job will give me lots of more hours..cuse ill be out of school. The problem is that they just dont pay enough, and its to much labor for the shitty pay they pay us associates.

There are schedule dates for concerts. This summer is goin to be everything it can be. I am not gonna have another weak ass summer.

I dont have the ultimate skill yet when it comes to the camera, but it will be maintained @ a good level and progress with skill.

Im studyin for things. I am organized. I cant believe it.

Show Pics:Few that I liked.

i really dont know how have the pics load up on one page with my entry. so deal.sorry.


haha pete is in this one




fakery is a bitch. i will win this game. [Wednesday
May 11th, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

Holy Shit!! Who is going to be in Chicago tomorrow jamming to Midtown...yeah that’s right bitches.jessica and victoria.I will definitely be posting how that went as soon as I get back.

Okay i havent even listened to fftl in months. It amazes me that lately that their songs have been going through my head all the time."Can I touch your leg...Do I make you sweat?" See what i mean lol.I know that cd in and out.

So um yeah. It was a thrilled packed weekend. Good times. Will see you soon. The moms loved you and the dads. You can visit whenever you want.

Homeless shelters aren’t a joke. I was at the Wisconsin Rescue Mission and The Guest House over the weekend. Dear Lord, please help those people. Its truly sad seeing that people have to live like that, but for those who chose to follow the paths they did willingly, dug that hole for them.

Yeah I did a lot of realization over the weekend. I try to beat my slacker ways. Inevitably it always wins. Slacking can totally kill someone. I may stress myself out and start to cry because the printer starts to fail on me @ the last minute when it was printing just fine the other day...or when the computer suddenly doesn’t want to boot up, but o well, as long as I get the shit done..right? I guess those are signs telling me to get muh shit together.

Super Troopers and Office Space...10 bucks each...hell yeah.

I will be stealing a digital camera tomorrow so I can take some pics of the show and post them ASAP. For those of you who love to be a hater, can view them and be jealous cuse you weren’t there.

I am going to get me a freaking ipod. It is annoying having to carry a cd player; with all the million and one songs I want to listen to for the day. Hopefully I can get one for keep through ebay, or buy a shuffle for $99.

So um the phone bill got a lil outrageous. My dad and I are on share talk plan, which is very cheap at the end of the month. Bout 35….maybe 40 bucks each a month. Well my dads phone broke, so he has to wait for his job to send him another one. He’s been using the phone that’s on the share talk plan...for service calls...meetings ...or whatever. Boy did that rack up the phone bill. My excessive calling didn’t help at all neither...we did a lot of damage…well most of it was from me. I’m use to having all the minutes…and free nights and weekends. Lets just say the bill is very high. I was sad to see that money leave my checking out, but o well. For next months bill we are already over in minutes. It wasn’t my fault.

"word of advice shithead.dont you ever wake up." love the movie.

I'm excited and ready for school to be over and done with.


The Best Things In Life Are Free [Wednesday
April 13th, 2005
[ mood | awake ]

It's a wonderful day.I'm feeling good.

Gonna go buy some more dvds. That is clearly where I spend all my money now.

I can't save money for shit.

Midtown owned. Fuck those who do not like them. Rather like/join the crowd of "wannabes".Be my guest.

Armor For Sleep April 17th. You know I would be there if I could : ( (there's warped).

"I want them to know what I know...I want them to know...I want them to know. I want them all to know." Good Movie

Bored Now. Laterz.


i dont want your love...and i sure as hell dont want your sympathy [Wednesday
March 16th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

The week before ...the week before the week ...and so the fuck on

Why are people so mindless and so fuckin stupid? Someone care to answer.enlighten me a little. Everything these days are based on fame and popularity. if your not in the "in" crowd your just not kewl enough. Well hell these days its kewl to be a "loser" in the scene way.

One: i know im gettin sick of superficial people who just put on "the show" and lack everything you could ever possibly want in a friend.

Two: everyone gettin things(Tats..Piercings...Clothes..X's) and not knowing why the hell theyre gettin them.just because you see everyone with it ...doesnt mean its kewl. everything has lost meaning. things I want I dont even want anymore, because I don't want to be addressed to the million others who have it. Lip Piercings are officially out.Those who have them and got them before it became kewl to get them, or actually got them for a meaningful reason(And no..wantin to be more hardcore/punk/rebel and thinkin that that would help your "look" is not a susceptible answer. Im gettin sick of seein bout every gurl i walk by in school w/ a lip piercing. your not kewl.

Three: bands who turn.those of us who actually knew a band before fame and popularity caught onto them.why cant they just be true. everything they say is a line. "we love our fans".ummm no you dont, because if you did you wouldnt make us wait fucking two hours to see your lame asses. o yeah by the way, groupies can go straight to hell..theyre insecure bitches..that know no other ways of expressing themselves other than signals of blowjobs...sex...and w/e else whores do.

Four: People who are users and abusers...Being nice to anyone and everyone is a mistake..and should have some precaution taken to it.

Five: People who just dont know what they want.they talk about it to talk, but never really try to figure it out. figure it out ...cuse if you dont you will never find an answer(trust me).

yeah I bitch and complain...you know what its called?… keepin it real.if you dont get what im sayin then your not on my level. I know im not the only one whose addressin these issues instead of sittin back and gettin sucked into the worldly drama.

i know im not perfect.i make mistakes.im human.i just tend to address my problems before they get out of hand.

back onto stayin up all nightlong...and running on no sleep.yay!


March 6th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Some of Karasans collection although she didnt win...I still Love Jay though!


March 4th, 2005
[ mood | chipper ]

Damn I Just Hate So Many People.Hate Runs Through My Heart.


The Space Between Our Bodies Has Been Corrupted [Friday
February 25th, 2005
[ mood | annoyed ]

Why do bummy middle age guys(unattractive).. who still get on the bus... and lack everything you could possibly ever want in a guy...have the courage to hit on you...spit game...try to talk? Its so annoyin...I mean do i look that desperate? If they have courage ..why cant these other guys have the courage? C'mon ..step up that game guys.

Too many dance parties with my-self ...that has got to change....

Off To Work


February 18th, 2005
[ mood | chipper ]

Letter Kills Tomorrow

Haha Thats Right Bitches!!!!

Off To Work


Whats Behind Your Painted Face? [Monday
February 14th, 2005
[ mood | and Hungry ]

So yeah its been awhile. Not that anyone is expectin this dramatic entry from me haha.
I swear if i see another one of those Vanessa Carliton-Time is on my side...Waner Cable commercials im gonna kill myself. She doesnt sing it well ...so they should just stop airing it.

Goin into Punk/Ska yahoo chats is my daily dose of humor....those kids in that room are so lame and stupid they think theyre all Xcore to the fullest...know so much about music and think that the Killers is the Best Band Ever...haha what a joke.Why do ppl have to be so dumb? Were they just unfortunate to not have a brain that thinks for itself?

Otep was amazin. I didn't think i was much of a metal person, but the more i listen to it the more i love it. The way that gurl screams is so amazin, she has so much bass in it.Nothing really funny happened there,I just had fun.

Yesterday Victoria and I went to Mad Planet to see 18Vs it was alright.It was cold and rainy outside. Victoria and I stood out there for like 45 mins and froze our ass off. Some bitch in stilettos almost broke some ankles, cuse some guy literally did a bunny hop jump over her head it was so funny. They were moshin hard, and people just kept tryin to get closer.... why i dont know why? I know i wasnt tryin to get knocked out from the guys doing cartwheels and spin kicks.Mad Planet is the shittiest club out there, its so small and run down. Neone could have just ran on the stage...it was so small and crappy. So many scene sluts were there. For the most part i dont even think half of the gurls who were there knew who any of the bands were cuse they were just walkin around lookin aimlessly as always.People started walkin away when 18vs were playin, which is un called for.The crowd was lame neways..Ppl suck @ life. Instead they went crazy for some fuck band named emery which was a cross of tbs on crack. These up and coming bands try to be like them(TBS) well Adam to be exact and thats pathetic.Think of something original for your own good.

I'm crusing along in school first math quiz i fot a 9/10...second i got a 10/10..So thats good. A Gpa above 3.1 is wat I shoot for, and im determined.

I'm startin to come down w/ a cold which is not good..standin outside for Mad Planet made it worse.

Letter Kills On Saturday..I am so ready. I hope we get some good standin spots..either way Tim will eye out Victoria and I haha.

I need to get another job ...I wanna work @ Victorias Secret or Express or something...Im gonna shoot for Marshall Fields so i can get some awesome jeans....

Im gonna go to the grand and get my The Big Hit movie w/ Mark Wahlbeg...I like that movie way to much. Hopefully the store will have Seven too ..cuse thats a good movie.


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